Thursday, January 13, 2011

Where to find even more stories and storytellers

I was given an iPod for my birthday, my first ever. It has been fun to load up with music and podcasts for those long trips on the road (or for housecleaning). Of course, I did the equivalent of googling myself--I looked myself up in the iTunes store. Sure, my three recordings are there, but if I were looking for storytelling recordings in general, not categorized by storyteller, I might get frustrated with iTunes.

Ready for one-stop story shopping? Here it is:
iTales rocks! You can search for stories by keyword, by storyteller and by category. You also can listen to a sample of the story. I just subscribed to the iTales podcast. Over 60 storytellers have contributed to iTales, so the choice is broad. It works with all kinds of mp3 players.

And if you're a storyteller and you don't have your recordings on iTales, why not? It doesn't cost to put your stories up and it's one more way your listeners and potential listeners can find you.

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