Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Publicity photos over time

If you saw the last post, you've noticed that my hair is longer than it used to be. I've almost always had short hair. This is the longest it has been in 25 years and possibly the first time I've ever put it in a ponytail. With this new look, many people--even old friends--don't recognize me.

This leads me to think about publicity photos I've had over the years. Here is a small sample:
Taken by B. Wang, 1992 or 1993?
Taken by Wally Emerson, 1993

Taken by Darrell Sampson, 1999?

Taken by Mary Howe, 2003?

Taken by Kate Dinneen, 2008

Taken by Cristiana Ceschi, 2008

Taken by Kate Dinneen, 2010

So tell me, is a picture worth a thousand words?


Deb said...

All good photos! I do like the way your bangs look in those first have a sort of Mireille Mathieuish look that suits you.

Anonymous said...

They're all good. I'd like the whole string. But you didn't show the pony tail. ???

PriscillaHowe said...

Nope, I don't yet have a publicity photo with a ponytail. One of these days, maybe.