Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Storytelling coaching with Skype

In 1992 or so, I went to a workshop on storytelling coaching with Doug Lipman. After that, I drove monthly from Connecticut to Massachusetts for one-on-one coaching. In the process, I learned Doug's supportive coaching methods, which I still use (and which I mentioned in an earlier blog post). His book, The storytelling coach: how to listen, praise and bring out people's best sits prominently on my reference shelf. It's a gem.

I haven't coached much lately. In the past, I've worked with storytellers in person and over the phone. Coaching over the phone works but is limited. I can't see gestures, posture and facial expressions, all of which add to--or detract from--the storytelling experience.

I'm looking forward to overcoming that limitation: I just bought a webcam and set up Skype. With coaching clients who also have webcams, I expect we can have some productive sessions.

Here I am at my desk today. I wonder if I'd feel compelled to iron my shirt before a coaching session. This picture also reminds me that it's time to take new publicity photos, as my hair is longer than it has been in at least 25 years.

P.S. If you're interested in my coaching services, e-mail me and we'll see what we can set up!

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Mary said...

mmm hmm. You look slightly lunatic here, but that's OK. You're allowed because you're a storyteller.