Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Traveling, traveling

Oh, right, I do have a blog! Sorry to be so delinquent.

It's a good time to write, if I can pull myself away from the Seinfeld reruns and other late afternoon TV in this motel room. At home, I don't have cable and watching TV means pulling the set out of the closet, so when I'm on the road, I do watch. It's weirder than ever, isn't it? Shopping shows, reality TV, non-news programs. Hmm.

At any rate, I've been traveling and performing a lot. I drove across Kansas to Colorado this past weekend. It was a long trip, twelve hours on the hottest days of the year. Thank goodness my car air conditioning works. It was stunningly beautiful in southern Colorado, coming through the La Veta Pass in the Sangre de Cristo mountains. I got a little alarmed when my car started to lose power, but then realized that nothing was wrong--the car was just doing her valiant best to go up, up, up. Made it, too.

In Alamosa, I had an excellent chile relleno. The last two I'd had in Kansas and Missouri were awful (where was the pepper?!), so this one washed that flavor out of my mouth. Tonight I'm going on the hunt for another. No pie on this trip so far, but that's okay. Maybe I've got an additional quest?

I spent Sunday night and Monday in Center, CO. I had a great time! I got to meet another Priscilla--a three year old princess--and a dog named Gorilla (reminded me of the story that when I was born, my brother went running down to my uncle's to announce, "Uncle George, I have a little sister and her name is Gorilla!). Two of the librarians had been to a workshop I gave last fall, so they were the force behind my trip to Center. All of school/public librarians were extremely welcoming and friendly, and the kids in the sumer school (most of the audience) seemed to have a pretty good time.

Then I drove from Center to Greeley, about 250 miles, loving the rugged Colorado landscape at every turn. Greeley is in the Front Range, the flatter part of the state, where it looks a lot like western Kansas, but the mountains are visible to the west.

My performances here in Greeley are also a result of a workshop I gave last fall, one of three in Colorado. Today was just as fun, also with a great welcome from the librarians. That makes a big difference! This morning I was in Frederick, this afternoon in downtown Greeley. More in Greeley tomorrow, then Hudson on Thursday, and then I drive home, about 10 hours or so.

That chile relleno is calling my name. More soon, I promise!

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