Monday, September 19, 2005

Post-trip cleanup

I've been away for most of the past two weeks, so now I have to deal with the mess. That's why I'm at my computer, not dealing with it yet.

Before I left on the first trip, I cleaned up. Now, from where I sit, I see a puppet crawling out of my soft briefcase on the floor (Mavis the monkey), a pile of catalogs and magazines from the first round of mail sorting, big bins of puppets and dress-up that I had to haul out of the closet in order to get to the box of brochures for last week, a bag of practice puppets for some workshops next month, my back up sound system, a stack of miscellaneous paper from the Arts Midwest conference, a bottle of ibuprofen, a box of thank you notes ready to be written, a full wastebasket ready to go out to the bin...

This is only in the office, and doesn't include quite a bit of flotsam on the desk. There's more, much more, in the other rooms of the house. Time to go do laundry.

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