Wednesday, June 29, 2005

More rambling from the road

Not much focus today. I've got my 33rd and 34th performances of the month today, with three more tomorrow. This might be the most I've ever done in a month.

I'm writing this from a motel, one I chose because it had a pool. I'm not swimming, though, because I realized that this pool is within sight of the turnpike interchange. Not exactly relaxing! I was a bit alarmed when I registered, worried that I might not be able to sleep for the sound of trucks braking and revving. No need to fret, though--I've been tired enough not to notice.

Not too tired to have a good time at the performances, though. At a library in a primarily Spanish-speaking area, I told "The fleaskin drum," a Mexican story. I don't speak Spanish, but I know a few words and understand a fair amount, so I include some words in Spanish in this story. The kids giggled hysterically when I said "la pulga" (the flea), "la hormiguita" (the ant), "la cucaracha" (the cockroach) and "el ratoncito" (the mouse, though we had a discussion about whether it was mouse or rat and finally settled for small rodent).

There was a big group that came in together. When we were leaving, I commented to the couple who seemed to be in charge. The man told me that they have a bunch of rental properties, so they started a reading program for the kids there. They bring the children to the library. What a great idea!

After that evening performance, I took myself out to eat at a Mexican restaurant that is my friend Judy's favorite. Yum. I've had no pie on this trip, though I asked yesterday at a small family restaurant in Haysville. Last night I had a lovely curry at a Thai restaurant. That's one of the benefits of being in a bigger city on tour--there's a nice choice of restaurants.

Must be breakfast time. More later.


Alkelda the Gleeful said...

I have it on good authority that the Deluxe has the best key-lime pie in Seattle. I've tried it. It's quite good.

Just a thought for future travels.

Deb said...

Hey, how do you choose the motels you stay in? From recommendations, pool availability, price, location? Or is it kind of a crapshoot with a bit of intuition?

PriscillaHowe said...

Thanks for the pie place in Seattle! Maybe it's time to plan a trip... Usually I prefer straight fruit pies, but I stretch the point for key lime.

And about motels: I've been in Days Inns and Super 8s lately, because they have that trip rewards deal, they tend to be clean enough, and they often have wireless internet. I'm hoping to gather frequent flyer miles from the trip rewards program, eventually.

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