Thursday, March 24, 2005

Some days are more productive than others

A few weeks ago, at one of the librarian workshops, I was asked what a typical day looks like. That's such a hard question! Becky refined it to ask what a day without performances is like. Still hard.

Today was a pretty productive day:
  • Haircut at 8 a.m.
  • Home to breakfast with the newspaper (tea with milk and sugar, toast with butter and neuchatel cheese). Lit a fire in the woodstove. Fed and patted the cat. Let the cat out, let the cat in.
  • Checked e-mails until I heard thunder. Turned the computer off.
  • Vacuumed the house, cleaned the bathroom. Remembered that the word for dust bunny in French (at least in Belgium) is "mouton"--sheep! I had a flock under my bed.
  • Patted the cat some more. Turned the computer back on. Checked e-mail, played a little solitaire. Talked to a friend and my sister briefly on the phone.
  • Had lunch (steamed kale, carrots and tofu in a sauce of umeboshi vinegar, mustard and olive oil, the last bit of stollen, one chocotoff). Read. Let the cat in, let the cat out.
  • Went to my tax advisor for the yearly visit. Worried a bit as usual, but it's truly just fine.
  • Stopped at Crafty and Company to say hello to Chris.
  • Continued on to Z's Divine Espresso to write in my journal and drink mocha. Forgot to ask for decaf. We'll see how that works for me later on.
  • Erranded around for a while, first by myself, then with my sister. Yakketa blabbeta.
  • Stopped at the library to look at the DVDs.
  • Home. Got the woodstove going again, patted the cat, checked e-mail.
  • Supper (corn tortilla quesadilla, steamed asparagus with lemon and butter).
  • Wrote two thank-you notes, one contract, three invoices. Addressed, stamped and sealed all. Checked more e-mail, wrote responses to a few, deleted many.
  • Let the cat out, played solitaire.
  • Remembered to write blog entry.
Now it's time for bed. First I'll let the cat back in. The Messiah is on the radio, a really great rousing section. That, combined with the afternoon's caffeine, may mean that I'll be reading for a while before sleep.

That's today. Who knows what tomorrow will be like.


Anonymous said...

I just read through your posts from the last two months, and loved the descriptions of Kansas. (The rest of the posts were excellent, too.) Do you have any Kansas-flavored stories, the way Oonanana is an African-flavored story?

Such an excellent window on what you see!

love, D.

PriscillaHowe said...

It's a good thing I can recognize writing styles (sometimes) and therefore can guess who the anonymous D is. Thanks, Dagmar! Or was that Darryl?

Just kidding. I'm glad you liked the Kansas descriptions. There will doubtless be more, as I'm completely booked in June and July, mostly in Kansas libraries.

I can't think of any Kansas-flavored stories. Maybe "It's in the bag," about when I worked at the temp job at the dogfood factory? Nah, that could be anywhere. I'll give this some thought.

Anonymous said...

Vegetables are great, but the Heart Start Defibrillator is better (At saving your life, that is ;) ).