Saturday, December 11, 2004


Welcome to my storytelling life!

I'm so lucky! I get to play for my work, telling stories to kids and adults. I've been doing this full time since 1993, part time for five years before that. My work isn't easy to pigeonhole--I'm as comfortable with preschoolers as I am with the kids at the Juvenile Detention Center or adults at a house concert. Of course the stories I tell to each group vary. You might be able to tell that I like funny stories from those on my website,

Here we are in the quiet time of the year, when I dig around for new stories to tell and old stories to revive. I've begun to think about what I'll use next summer in the library reading programs--the theme in several states is "Dragons, dreams and daring deeds." I have a stack of dragon and Medieval story collections in my office, mostly from the 398.2 section of the library, my favorite area. I may spend some time tonight looking for stories that call to me.

More later.

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